Surveying & Engineering

Our Engineering team provide comprehensive setting out and surveying services using the latest equipment. We utilise Trimble equipment to provide us with the most accurate and advanced technology for surveying use as well as for machine control.

The Engineering team can conduct a thorough topographical survey and use the latest software to compute cut and fill volumes for our clients. We can efficiently run various earthwork options to find the best solution. We offer a full engineering service with our contracted works to control all line and level of our earthworks on-site. The team are fully equipped with the latest robotic total stations and GPS rover kits for all setting-out and surveying demands.

We have recently invested in UAVs to add to our portfolio of instruments. They are used to save time in the field and provide an instant snap shot for progress calculations. We are fully licensed by the CAA to perform aerial work and have several trained pilots in charge. Their use can minimise the risks associated with site personnel amongst heavy construction plant. They also reach areas of site that are too dangerous to access on foot or prevent stopping an activity. The UAVs are capable of videos, thermal imagery, photography and inspections.     

We pride ourselves in having a large fleet of Trimble controlled machines that are capable of cutting and trimming automatically to a digital terrain model. This makes the need for profile boards and boning-in obsolete, saving time, materials and removing human error. The reduction in site personnel on foot also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. The system is ideal for areas of multiple grades and can be adjusted and tweaked to coincide with as-built features. Trimble’s 3D GCS900 has been installed on bulldozers, excavators and our grader. The systems are connected to the internet, allowing design models to be sent wirelessly and diagnostic of faults from the office. The machines can be controlled in 3D with the connection of either a GPS base station or Robotic Total Station. 2D guidance is also an option using our grading lasers.

We also have machines fitted with precision laser boxes for trimming shed floor subbase. These systems are controlled by one of our grading lasers. The systems are very accurate and cover large areas quickly. Our bespoke teleporter system is ideal for trimming beneath mezzanine floors. The results are so accurate that we can comfortably use it for floors in excess of 1,000,000ft2 where every millimetre counts