Amazon, Poole

Located at Hoyles Bay, adjacent to the English Channel, Amazon Poole provided some challenging ground conditions for EnviroTrac. The site had been untouched for many years and consisted of heavily saturated and weathered material all of which required to be stabilised using a mix of lime and cementitious binders to meet earthworks specifications and geotechnical performance criteria.

Despite the challenging ground conditions, we were able to stabilise existing material to meet performance specifications alongside being completed on time and within budget.

ALDI Regional Distribution Centre, Nailstone

Historically the land had been used as Nailstone Colliery which closed in 1967.

This development is being completed to provide Aldi with a regional distribution centre in Coalville, just 5 miles away from Junction 22 of the M1 to increase the efficiency in Aldi’s supply chain. The specification required us to over dig and re-engineer the material on site with cement stabilised material. This mitigated the need to import a significant volume of sub-base material and negated the need to dispose of material off site therefore further reducing the environmental impact of the project. Our engineering team worked closely with the project designers in order to balance the material being cut and filled rather than having to dispose of material off site, therefore helping our clients to save money. Our geotechnical testing team managed and coordinated the rigorous testing regime required throughout the project.

During this process we installed 5400 linear metres of land drainage to alleviate flooding due to the vast size of the building area, providing a value engineered solution to our client.

We also completed further ground improvement, utilising our trusted supply chain to install controlled modulus columns to a depth of up to 9 metres throughout the building perimeter. This required us to install load transfer beams and load transfer platforms to a depth of 4 metres.

This project was completed safely, within budget and on the planned completion date for our valued client.